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Bristol Virginia Little League
About Us
Bristol Little League was first chartered in 1952 and presents 20 teams across 6 divisions of play; Challengers, Tee Ball, Minor League Coach Pitch, Major League (LL), Junior League, and Senior League. 

Through our more than 65 year history Bristol Little League has produced an NFL Quarterback, an MLB World Series Champion, and even a Grammy nominated singer/songwriter. 

Our volunteers are among the most dedicated in children's sports and we would love to have the opportunity to ad your son or daughter to the list of alumni who have experienced the best that all of youth sports has to offer, with Bristol Little League. 

Field Status

Field Status

  • Stonewall Jackson Field Updated: 01/22/18 11:51AM
  • Eastern Field Updated: 06/24/20 11:37AM
    • Eastern Field
  • Central Field Updated: 12/04/22 3:08PM
  • Belle Meadows Park Updated: 01/22/18 11:51AM
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